“Berkeley crafts his songs like watercolor paintings.
Intimate and introspective, his gentle yet colorful melodies are graceful and resonate long after the last note fades.”

Creative Loafing

Transcendent Songs. Unforgettable Stories.


So we’ve got some procedural matters to resolve first. I’m on day 12 of my #100skies series, but only day 2 of this here blog. Ideally I’d like to be on the same page, and I’m not sure quite how to reconcile. Added to the dilemma is that I’ve been informed that I seem to …

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100 Skies. The Blog

#100skies. Day 1.We have arrived in New Mexico. The latest pearl on a string of moves that has led me from New Jersey through Boston, Idaho, Brooklyn, Atlanta, Brooklyn again, Corsica, Atlanta again, California and now Santa Fe. The change from the redwoods and fog of Northern California to the pinks and browns of Northern …

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