August 25, 2022

The New Home


If you’ve been to my shows, you probably know that I have two kids. I talk about them a lot. They fill my heart. They drive me absolutely nuts. They also teach me a lot about the “modern technologies,” and in doing so they make me feel quite out of touch. So it is that I unveil my new website with a certain level of realism. Yes, I know, the kids today don’t often visit websites. Yes, I know that having a few funny TikTok (is it one word?) videos might get more exposure than these pages. But here we are. And if you are reading this blog, then you, too, aren’t so quick to discard the “old technologies.” Look, if it were up to me, my mailer would be a handwritten letter to you, and my virtual home would be my actual house or the venue I sing in.

But if that were the case, it would be hard to show you all the things I wanted to show you in an organized fashion. You would be at my mercy as to which songs I played you when and what I served you to drink. You would and I would both feel awkward as I read you bio and reenacted all of my videos. The truth is, though, I still think there is value in a website, in a virtual repository for the things I do and make. And I’d rather be able to curate it more than Spotify, say, or FB allow. And thanks to the great Lacey Passman Smith of SiteSmith Studio, I now have a home here on the World Wide Web that allows you to go as deep as you’d like into my head and heart. Want to read all my lyrics? Just go to the Music and Books page and then scroll down to the album you are interested in and click to read the Story Behind the Music. Want to watch a video? Well then, pop over to the Video page. Want to see some pictures? Check out the Press Kit. There is a LOT here. And that’s because I’ve now been doing this for a LONG time. But Lacey made it all look so clean and clear that it won’t bog you down. So thank you Lacey.

And while I’m thanking people, thanks Nicole Moulton, too. She’s the girl behind Birdgirl Photography. She’s the best. If you ever need someone to hike with you through the desert carrying your guitar, a chair, your change of clothes, and a camera, she’s your girl.

That’s it for now. I’m not going to pledge, like I have before, that I will write a lot of blog posts. I hope I will. But I know myself, and I likely will not. But I will pledge to try. I will also try to update the scrolling lyrics on the Home and Tour pages, because that’s a pretty sweet feature Lacey created. There are a lot of other people to thank: every musician I’ve played with, all the great artists who have helped me on my album art, all the agents and promoters I’ve worked with, my family of course, and all of you for being here and being wherever I perform. I am very grateful. And though I don’t always recognize it, I am very aware right now, at this moment, as I type into this virtual space to be read whenever it is you find these words, that I am extremely fortunate. So thank you. Have a look around. Enjoy your stay. Let me know what you think. And if you like how it looks and sounds, tell a few of your friends.
I remain,