October 13, 2012

100 Skies. The Blog. Day 16. Big Sky and the Jedi.



It’s important to stay on point. This thing began as a series of sky pictures because the sky out here is big and brilliant. I’ve gotten off topic, looking at birds and lights and enchiladas and such. But here we get back to it, somewhat, at least for the moment. The endless sky.

Remarkably, it poured yesterday afternoon and evening. Rain barrel filled in about a minute and a half. Power was knocked out. There was hail. You wouldn’t have know it this morning, though. The sky changes quickly here. Autumn in the air. But not a trace of rain.

This pic was taken from the top of the Canyon Trail at Tent Rocks National Monument. Unseen in the pic are the tent rocks, which are just below the ledge there. The tent rocks are bizarre (see below). Eroded white striated hoodoos, which look like, well for lack of a better analogy, tents. Many have balls of rock teetering atop them, which judging by the boulders on our trail, do fall off on occasion. We hiked through a slot canyon (see further below), where we had to turn sideways at times to get through. Watching for falling rocks, we might have missed the fist-sized tarantula on the trail (see way below).

And then we ascended to reach the viewpoint in the pic above. Except for the road into the park, there were no signs of development. This view was like that all around us. I think it’s striking enough that most of you probably didn’t notice what Jackson was wearing. Yep. That’s our boy. Kind of hope he never stops wearing outfits like these. Kind of.
Chin Up,

(the “vaguely” phallic tent rocks)

(young Luke in the slot)

(the tarantula)