David Berkeley

I am thrilled to announce that we've met our goal! The hope was to raise the intimidating sum of $32,000, which would cover recording costs, musician fees, production costs, mixing, mastering, design, printing and shipping. And we did it. You did it. I am full of gratitude and still a bit in shock. We've decided to keep this donation page live because so many of you liked so many of the items we offered (the phone serenade, the private show, the song for a loved one). So you can think of it more as a store now, if you like. Or you can think of it still as a way to donate to the album, for believe it or not, there are still other ongoing costs (publicity, tour support, etc.) that will have to be paid for. So we'll still keep the membership option open for any donation of $50 or more: you will become a Member of the David Berkeley Family for 2010. You will get a handmade membership card that entitles you to 2 guest list passes to a show of your choice (availability pending), a signed first edition of the new album (before the official release), and backstage access to all shows (where available). For all donations of $250 and above, you get the designated gift and membership, a T Shirt and thank you in the liner notes (of course, at some point soon, the liner notes will be printed and so that will no longer be possible). All payments can be made through the secure PayPal or by check (email david@davidberkeley.com for instructions.)

What You Give What You
$25 An autographed first run copy of the new album
$50 Membership to David Berkeley Family for 2010 (5 of these donations pays for a day of strings)
$100 Your choice of a first-edition copy of the album on vinyl or a t-shirt, your name in the thank yous of the albums liner notes, plus membership (50 of these donations pays for the mixing)
$150 Signed page of original lyrics plus all above gifts (2 of these donations pays for a day in the studio)
$250 David Berkeley message on your answering machine (2 of these donations pays for strings on a track)
$500 David Berkeley phone serenade (2 of these donations pays for the design of the CD and booklet)
$750 David Berkeley will record your favorite cover song (within reason) and send it to you on a CD (7 of these donations pays for the mastering)
$1000 David Berkeley personal birthday song recorded for someone you love (7 of these donations pays for the printing of the discs)
$1500 David Berkeley song written for your newborn child or grandchild or friend or lover (2 of these donations pay for the drums on the record)
$2000 Private David Berkeley concert for you and your friends in your home, assuming your home is not too hard for David to travel to (this donation pays for all the trumpets and horns)
$2500 This record brought to you by (your name here) and any item above (4 of these donations pays for the production)
$5000 Tell us what you want. (this donation pays for the entire mix)
Ah. Thank you for entering door number 1.

For the better part of the year, I've been recording my new record down here in Georgia with my good friend and sometime bassist Will Robertson. It's been a project like no other I've done. With the challenges of being a dad and a husband and a touring musician, we've had to fit our recording schedule into our lives. So we've found an hour here while kids were napping, two hours there while kids were at school, a morning, an evening, and we've cobbled together a beautiful record without any consecutive days in the studio. Rather than resulting in something hodge podged and hurried, it has allowed us to actually be far more relaxed and natural, with very little pressure or sense of deadline (except that naps do end). When I look back on the year, it's hard to believe we actually recorded a record. When did we do that?

I played and sang most of these songs at the same time (which is new for me), and we didn't use a click on many songs (also new for me). This gives the songs a spirit that is far closer to the spirit I perform them in or wrote them in. Many of these songs were written in Corsica, and there are even some field recordings of kids in my village and Corsican singers. I've been proud of each of my records, but I stand behind this one in a new way. I was more involved in every musical decision. And Will did such an amazing job capturing my voice and finding the meaning and essence of every song and layering the parts to create an emotional landscape that does each piece perfect justice.

So I'm excited. I'm also fairly heavily in debt. And so, in these modern times in the music industry, I am turning to the only real reliable and faithful source I have had for support in this career of mine: YOU. We've set up a number of levels that you can give, with gifts that you get in exchange. But we will be thrilled and grateful for any amount you care to give, and we will be open to any gift you'd like to propose. And by "we," I of course mean, "I."